Hardcluster server information

8 PVE maps
  • Ragnarok

  • The Island

  • Aberration

  • Extinction

  • Genesis

  • Valguero

  • The Center

  • Crystal Isles

  • Transfer between maps is allowed

  • 150 - max wild level

  • +88 max level up bonus

  • 115 - max level up value

  • 4 ascensions on the maps The Island, Extinction, Aberration, Genesis

  • 160 - max player level

  • X3 - xp gain

  • X3 - mining

  • X3 - taming

  • X4 - incubation

  • X4 - grow up

  • X1.5 - resistance and weight per level

  • X2.2 - loot drops and fishing

  • X0.5 - food and water consumption

  • 10 - max players in a tribe

  • 3 - max alliances in a tribe

  • 5 - max tribes in an alliance

  • The server includes the structures destruction timer.
    Timer values:

  • Thatch - 8 days

  • Wood - 16 days

  • Stone - 24 days

  • Metal - 32 days

  • Tek- 40 days.

  • Other structures: wooden ridge - 8 days, oil pump - 4 days, fireplace- 4 days.

  • Dinos are available for reclaiming in 24 days

  • Mods collection: visit steam page

  • SS+ mod changes:
    - Tek S+ teleport opening level is changed
    - Anker usage is prohibited on boss arenas
    - Tek S+ mutator now has no possibility to breed dinos that cant bribe in vanilla mode and has no possibility to desecrate
    - Some engrams have craft level changes

  • SpyGlass now have no possibility of loot determination and it don't show dinos edges

  • Every map except of Genesis has Star Gates. Some of them are a one way ticket.

  • Server has a mod for tracking a death point and tribe dinos. Handwatch activates by pressing Shift-C and Shift-V

  • Cross-chat between all maps

  • Cryo nerf (180sec debuff) instear of cryo timer

  • You cant fly on a dinos at Genesis but you still can fly with a tek armor

  • Server reboot time - 06:00 - 07:00 MSK

  • Player corpse vanishes after 1 hour

  • "/suicide" chat command is available

  • You can use Amnesia tonic as many times as you want

  • Only allowed dinos can be transferred to Aberration. Search wiki for a list.

  • Any dino can be captured by cryopod or transferred by lootdrops or obeliscs.

  • Phoenixes does not breed

  • Phoenix can be transferred to any map from the Ragnarok

The project is not commercial, it lives on due to the enthusiasm of Tsar Michael of the ARK. If you want to help the cluster you can make a donation in the help-project section.

HardCluster Servers

HardCluster [RU] Island

HardCluster [RU] Ragnarok

HardCluster [RU] Aberration

HardCluster [RU] Extinction

HardCluster [RU] Genesis

HardCluster [RU] The Center

HardCluster [RU] Valguero

HardCluster [RU] Crystal Isles

Ingame shop

1. Click the link: https://hardcluster.survivalshop.org/
Login with a Steam

2. Choose a category. You can find a FREE category. Choose an item and click "Buy" ("Купить")

3. Replentish your account to buy paid items

4. After purchasing an item go to the game and type "/shop" in a game chat to see available options and their numbers

5. Type "/give N" in a game chat where "N" - is a number of available options

Shop commands in a game chat

/shop - show available wares in your cart

/give <number> get your purchase from a cart

/status - show special statuses (painting rights etc.)

/sdc <region> <color> - paint a dino you mount or watch at. Priviledge of painting dinos can be bought in a shop.

  • shop dinos are sterilized
  • water dinos must be purchaced in a water
  • dino painting feature is available on a map it was purchased


In case of violation of the rules described below, the violator will be banned. It can be banned, as an individual player, or the whole tribe!
• The player will be given an oral warning if he recognizes and realizes his guilt and corrects all his violations, otherwise the player will be blocked on our server. The duration of the block remains at the discretion of the administration, depending on the composition and nature of the violation.
• In case of constant violations, the player is given an eternal ban.
• The administration reserves the right to decide how long to ban a player for violating the rules.
• The administration leaves at its discretion the resolution of situations not stipulated in the group rules.
• The administration is not responsible for the bugs of the game and mods: disappearance, falling through textures, stuck in textures, fatal error, etc., all this lies with the developers!


1. When you first enter the discord channel, you have two days to connect to the server.
2. If the nickname (Steam or character in the game) does not correspond to the nickname in the discord, the player must inform the moderator about it to change it.
3. Offensive / swearing nicknames in the game and discord are prohibited and are changed forcibly.
4. Insulting other members of the group / server is strictly prohibited. The first time - a warning, the second time - mute, the third time - BAN.
5. Insult / slander against the administration is prohibited. For insulting the administration - an instant eternal ban.
6. It is forbidden to write CAPSOM. Messages are deleted, first mute, then ban.
7. If something doesn’t work or doesn’t work as it should, look at the information in the section # Errors-games, if the solution was not found on your own, write to the “technical support” section. In other channels, your request will not be considered.
8. The placement of materials that are not relevant to the channel topic in chat rooms is prohibited.
9. Advertising of other communities or games is prohibited.
10. The discord is intended for people playing on the server, if you do not play temporarily on the server, the discord can be turned off, upon returning to the server, simply go to the discord server and inform the Administration or moderators that you are back on the server.


1. It is forbidden to use cheat programs and vulnerabilities (bugs, dupes) of the game / server.
2. Creating two or more characters on a cluster is prohibited! Punished by deleting all the characters! You must have one character on the server, switching to another card is done through obelisks or lootboxes.
3. Intrusive trade is prohibited. Flooding in relation to trade in game chat is not welcome (Punishment - mute for 12-24 hours at the discretion of the administration) For exchange, use the section #Game-exchange
4. Leaving dyno in caves with artifacts, as well as placing buildings in them is prohibited, destruction without warning.
5. It is forbidden to drop onto the bases of wild aggressive creatures with the aim of harming and raising other players / alien creatures without their consent.
6. The internal proceedings of the tribe, remain inside the tribe, the administration is not obliged to settle internal strife.
7. It is forbidden to transfer personal dynos and won in the competition, as well as their offspring / fertilized eggs to other players / tribes.
8. Purchased goods in the store do not guarantee any privileges or special treatment for the player. @Gold Patron may qualify for a personal Stargate (At the discretion of the Administration).
9. Always take all resources from beaver dams, otherwise new dams will not appear, and old ones will stand with resources that you did not collect.
10. It is FORBIDDEN to throw eggs of Wyvern, Rock Drakes, Deinonychs and Magmasaurs raised from the nest. If the egg does not suit you, then eat it, but do not discard it. Discarded eggs prevent new eggs from appearing in nests!
11. It is forbidden to enter the arena with bosses with other players without their consent, as well as the titans on the Extinction map. To avoid a clash of tribes in boss arenas, please warn in advance about organizing a boss trip in a couple of hours (example: # flood - “Tribe 221” goes to the dragon on island at 18:00)
12. It is required to hide dino standing at the base without action in cryocapsules to increase the FPS of the surrounding players.
13. Compensation of dyno, resources, items and other things are considered only in the section # 💰compensation. In all other sections, they will be ignored.


1. It is forbidden to place structures in the place of spawn resources. Stay close without spawning.
2. It is forbidden to build obelisks / terminals / spawn zones of players, entrances to caves with artifacts and other common areas. Destruction without warning.
3. It is forbidden to build caves with a large number of resources and strategically important for moving around locations, such are caves through which you can cut a path or that open access to another biome.
4. For 1 tribe, on 1 map, it is allowed to leave 2 dynos on the walk and set 1 radio leash
5. The number of bases per tribe 2 bases - for each card. A large base can be only one on any of the cards in the cluster. Terms: Base = The total area occupied by the structures. Average base = NOT more than 20X20 and 15 foundations in height. Large base = NOT more than 40X40 and 30 foundations in height. The construction of bases beyond these limits is prohibited!
6. It is forbidden to fence your base with gates (and generally to make fences from them) (no matter what material and what sizes) and build walls / fences / fences from foundations, or from a huge number of walls in several rows with towers. Fencing from the gate gives a tremendous load on the server
7. Restriction of Gacha-farms! An unlimited number of gachas is permissible exclusively inside the caves allowed for settlement, the maximum number of XYZ plants for their food = 15 pieces.
If the gacha farm is open to the eyes of others, the following restrictions apply:
- The maximum number of gach on the territory of the tribe is 6 pcs on one card and 8 XYZ plants for their food. (It is forbidden to accumulate several tribes with hooks in the loading area)
- Buildings with gache farms (15 gach) and flowers for their food (no more than 20 plants) on oceanic platforms from the Genesis supplement in oceanic biomes on Ragnarok, Island maps at the borders of the maps are acceptable.
8. Scattered "garbage structures" on maps, bonfires, spikes, torches, foundations, etc. are destroyed by moderators upon detection.
9. Install open teleporters for general use in open areas and outside tech domes.
10. Any construction in the desert near the spawn drop on the Ragnarok map is prohibited.
11. It is forbidden to spawn vegetables on the Ragnarok map.
12. Players are allowed to lock a maximum of one oil pump and one gas collector. When installing two or more oil pumps or gas collectors, the rest must be open with the possibility of using them by other players

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